Dartmouth Neighborhoods

Across the harbor from, Halifax is the "urban community" of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Dartmouth was formerly a city with its own municipal government, police force, etc. but, it became part of the larger Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in 1996 when all the municipalities in Halifax County became part of the HRM. 

For many years the butt of jokes about being the "darkside" in relation to the city of Haifax on the other side of the harbor, in reality, Dartmouth is a thriving area with a variety of neighborhoods and home styles. 

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(A view on Lake Banook - famous for its rowing competitions and clubs.)

Bounded by the Circumferential Highway, the urban core of Dartmouth feels like a growing small town all its own, with a great variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, breweries, and bars. With some newer condominiums adding to the historic single-family home neighborhoods. home buyers can find just about anything to suit their needs. From impressive century homes on Pleasant and Portland Streets to the mid-century neighborhoods of Crichton Park and the post-war bungalows of the North End, urban Dartmouth is walkable and has more than ample green spaces, lakes, and ponds available to residents there. 

Outside of "the Circ" we see established suburban neighborhoods like Woodlawn, Montebello, Colby Village, Cole Harbour, and Portland Estates. These areas are largely suburban, with some condominiums and apartments interspersed. People looking for real estate in these areas can find single-family homes in these areas that range from $400,000 to $1,000,000+. 

Aptly nicknamed "The City of Lakes" - it is possible to purchase a lakefront or waterfront home in Dartmouth itself, which is a much harder goal to achieve in the city area of Halifax.  Have a look at areas around Albro Lake, Russell Lake, Oathill Lake, and more. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Halifax area, have a look at the various neighborhoods of Dartmouth, and get in touch anytime to talk about which neighborhood is right for you!

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