Halifax - Clayton Park and Fairview

The neighborhoods of Fairview and Clayton Park in Halifax Nova Scotia, while very different in many ways, are both very popular neighborhoods for families. 

Fairview had one of its first and biggest bursts of home building in the 60s and 80s, and many homes in the area date to his time, or even older. In some areas, you will see bungalows and 1.5-story homes, often side-by-side with newer homes and semi-detached homes. Soon, apartment buildings came, and by 2021 we began to see to effects of population growth and densification on the Halifax Peninsula - Fairview has exploded in growth, with new condominium and apartment buildings lining Dutch Village Road, and a variety of new shops, services, and restaurants arriving with them. 

Clayton Park grew up in the 70s, 80s and '90s and as a result, you see defined lines of suburban neighborhoods climbing the hills away from the harbor and Bedford bason. There are both large swathes of apratment/condobuildings here. along with suburban homes. The area features larger homes on average than Fairview, many with distinctive brick facades thanks to Shaw brick's partnership with its sister company Clayton Developments.  Drive up Bayview Road and you'll see some interesting mid-century home designs.

With lots of schools, parks, walking trails, and the Canada Games Recreation Centre. These neighborhoods have a lot to offer anyone looking for a great place to live, with easy access to all that Halifax has to offer. 

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